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The BABB Beauty Influencer Network is comprised of influencers in the beauty, fashion and affiliate industry worldwide.

BABB’s influencer program is for influencers who want to GROW by creating great content. We'll give you discounts on BABB Beauty products, so you can create videos and images that get you engagement. We'll repost what we love on BABB Beauty channels, too! 



By joining the BABB Beauty Influencer Network, you will be able to promote BABB Beauty’s expansive product line, exclusive offers, your own discount codes of 15% for friends and family and get discounted rates for any purchases outside of your PR package.

Share More, Earn More

You will be eligible to participate in influencer-exclusive contests and campaigns with the opportunity to earn significant trips or prizes.


Once accepted into the program, you will receive an account manager to help you with strategies, tips for success, account questions, payments and much more.

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To apply, submit the form below or email us at and include your Instagram handle. Once we review your feed, we will email you back and let you know if you have been approved.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does being a BABB Beauty Influencer cost me anything?

No. It’s completely free to sign up and full of benefits – you have the power to receive products for free and more!

Can I promote other brands as a BABB Beauty Influencer?

Yes! The more you use and showcase your BABB Beauty favorites, the more you increase your earning potential, but we understand there are other brands you love, too.

Is there a requirement to how often I need to post about BABB Beauty?

No. How often you post and how much you gain is in your power. If you regularly remind your followers about your BABB Beauty favorites in tutorials, posts and photos with your unique discount code, they are more likely to think of you when they shop.

*Please note you must have public social media accounts AND be subscribed to our BABB Beauty Newsletter in order to receive email notification if accepted.*